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Cheeky Singles With Chirag Suri

Chirag Suri became the first UAE player to be picked in the Indian Premier League and he will play for Gujarat Lions in the 2017 edition.

  ‘’My Dream Is To Click A Selfie With Shah Rukh Khan’’

UAE and Gujarat Lions batsman Chirag Suri goes hammer and tongs in the slog overs, i.e Cricfit’s rapid fire round.    

Q: Your nickname?

Suri: Chikoo.

Q: Your favourite cuisine?   

Suri: Chinese.

Q: Your favourite holiday destination?

Suri: India.

Q: Your favourite ground?

Suri: Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Q: Favourite movie?

Suri: ‘Fast and Furious’.

Q: Favourite actor?

Suri: I like Ranveer Singh.

Q: What’s your favourite Ranveer Singh dialogue?

Suri: I like that song ‘Tattad Tattad’ from the movie ‘Ram Leela’.

Q: Your favourite actress?

Suri: Deepika Padukone.

Q: You’ll be plying your trade for the Gujarat Lions this season. Have you learnt any Gujarati as of yet?

Suri: No man, but see if you can teach me some (guffaws)!

Q: Your favourite song?

Suri: I like all songs sung by Arijit Singh.

Q: One celebrity you dream of clicking a dualfie with?

Suri: Ummm….that’s a tough one (thinks for a while and continues)… Shah Rukh Khan.

Q: Gujarat Lions play their first game of the season against Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders. Who knows, your dream might come true.

Suri: Yeah, fingers crossed for that!

Q: A superpower you would love to possess?

Suri: I wish I could read people’s minds.

Q: Describe yourself in one word.

Suri: ‘Fearless’.

Q: One thing you cannot live without?

Suri: My cell phone.

Q: Your biggest disappointment?

Suri: Not playing the 2015 World Cup for the UAE.

Q: Your favourite cricketing shot?

Suri: ‘Off-drive’.

Q: Your favourite cartoon show?

Suri: I don’t watch a lot of cartoons nowadays but ‘Tom and Jerry’ is my all-time favourite..                




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