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Cheeky Singles With Chris Mpofu

Chris Mpofu ©Getty Images

Zimbabwean pace-spearhead Christopher Mpofu walks out to the crease to survive this hostile spell from cricfit.com And in the end, he manages to pass with flying colors.

Q: Your nickname?

Mpofu: Bobbyjoe.

Q: Your favorite holiday destination?

Mpofu: Durban, South Africa.

Q: Favourite ground?

Mpofu: It has to be Harare Sports Club.

Q: Favourite movie?

Mpofu: ‘Django Unchained’ starring Jamie Foxx.

Q: Favourite actor?

Mpofu: Denzel Washington.

Q: Favourite actress?

Mpofu: Phew, that’s a tricky one. I would say….the very beautiful Megan Fox (giggles)!

Q: Favourite song?

Mpofu: ‘The World’s Greatest’ by R. Kelly.

Q: Describe yourself in one word.

Mpofu: Humble and fun-loving. That makes it two. So I would choose fun-loving.

Q: One thing you cannot live without?

Mpofu: Prayer….and also music. I cannot live without prayer.

Q: Best dancer in the Zimbabwean team?

Mpofu: Ummm…. that’s a tricky one again. It’s got to be me (laughs)! But our captain (Graeme Cremer) is also right up there.

Q: One celebrity you dream of clicking a selfie with?

Mpofu: It has to be Sachin Tendulkar!

Q: Bouncer or the slower ball?

Mpofu: Bouncer for sure.

Q: If you could be another cricketer for a day, who would you be?

Mpofu: I know I am a bowler but I would love to be the great Sachin Tendulkar for a day!

Q: If you need a superpower to change the world, what superpower would fit you best?

Mpofu: I would love to be Superman because I love flying, even though I am scared of heights (bursts into laughter)!