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Faiz Fazal gets Candid, plays rapid fire with Cricfit

(Pic Source: PTI)

Indian cricketer and skipper of the Vidarbha cricket team, Faiz Fazal goes hammer and tongs in the slog overs, i.e CricFit’s special rapid-fire segment.

Q. Your nickname?

Faiz: My name itself is quite short, so, everyone calls me Faiz.

Q. Favourite holiday destination?

Faiz: London.

Q. Favourite stadium?

Faiz: VCA (Civil Lines), Nagpur.

Q. Favourite actor/actress?

Faiz: Aamir Khan & Alia Bhatt.

Q. Favourite dish (Chicken Savji/Butter Chicken)?

Faiz: None of them to be honest. Especially taking into account my fitness (He giggles).

Q. One song which is at the top of your playlist right now?

Faiz: Hawayein from Harry Met Sejal.

Q. One superpower you would love to possess?

Faiz: I wish I could spread the webs around like Spiderman (He chuckles).

Q. Favourite sportsperson, outside cricket?

Faiz: Rafael Nadal.

Q. Toughest bowler you have faced till date?

Faiz: Muttiah Muralitharan.

Q. How would you describe yourself in one word?

Faiz: Hardworking.

P.S.- Excerpts from the exclusive interview will be soon available on our website.