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Here Are WAGs – Wives And Girlfriends Of Cricketers


A sports personality’s life is so public that most of what he does are brought to everyone’s attention. It is a double-edged sword because, when he is a success story, he can do no wrong and when he fails, he will be crucified.

Family is a massive part of the sports star’s performance curve, more so the WAGs – Wifes And Girlfriends, be it in the good, bad or ugly times

Outside the ground, all eyes would be following the players, on what they wear, how do they look, who did they hang out with, what did they comment and many more, of course as always, the most interesting part of the gossip would always be about the link ups and who is the celebrity player dating etc.

More often than not, the WAGs are in the limelight for the wrong reasons.

The term WAGs was first used by the British media during the 2006 Football World Cup to refer to the wives and girlfriends of the English national football players. Although the term had been seldom used before that, it came into common use as an acronym, by the media in other countries to describe the female partners of a sportsperson in general.

The press gave increasing coverage to the socializing and shopping activities of the English WAGs. It was frequently suggested that England’s exit from the tournament in the quarterfinals was a result of such distractions.

In cricket, England toured Australia for their 2006 Ashes and was whitewashed 5-0. There were claims after the loss, that the presence of wives and girlfriends had undermined the cohesion of the touring party.

Several Spaniards, blamed their 1-0 defeat to Switzerland in the 2010 Football World Cup game on Sara Carbonero – partner of the Spain captain Iker Casillas, also a journalist at a Spanish TV station, who prior to the game was filming footage to the camera behind Casillas at goal.

Many Indian Cricket fans were lived during the 2015 Cricket World Cup Semi-Finals against Australia, Virat Kohli losing his wicket cheaply and eventually India getting knocked out of the tournament, citing Anushka Sharma’s presence in the stands

Are the WAGs ONLY for the glamour quotient of the sport? Of course, NOT Some of the celebrated cricketers have extremely popular, if not more popular, partners.

Here Few of select few to name are as follows:- 




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