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Here’s Virat Kohli’s Reply On His Beard Getting Insured

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Virat Kohli became the only cricketer to feature in the Forbes’ list of the highest paid sportsmen across the world. He even got his wax statue stationed at the Madame Tussauds, Delhi.

The 29-year-old will undergo a fitness test on June 15 at Bangalore as he injured his neck during the IPL season.

All the news that prevailed regarding Kohli’s beard getting insured were fake. Indeed it was a trick by the skipper to fool his fans.

A couple of days back, KL Rahul released a clip where a couple of guys were seen capturing the stills of Kohli’s beard. All these clips were a part of promotions for the new series of Philips trimmer that will hit the markets soon.

In a video released by Philips in the social media, Virat was seen addressing the fans regarding the rumours. He slashed them down by saying “The only vehicle needs insurance. Not style.” The audience was left in complete awe and couldn’t believe it was a prank played by the Philips and the Indian icon himself.

This ad is trending on the Facebook page of Philips men for an hour. Here’s the ad:

Virat breaks his silence about his beard insurance

After tons of speculation about his beard getting insured, Virat Kohli finally clears the air. Here's a video of it all unfolding, with a little twist in there for everyone too… #LoveItTrimIt

Posted by Philips Men on Saturday, June 9, 2018