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I don’t think anything apart from cricket has taught me more in life, says Virat Kohli

(Pic Source: PTI)

The men in blue skipper Virat Kohli recently launched the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Indian Sports Honours to reward excellence in sports along with RP-SG group chairman Sanjiv Goenka. They aim to support the development in sports.

The scholarship will also be awarded to people who have done massive work in the grassroots level. A minimum of Rs 2 crore will be utilized every year on the scholarships as promised by the Virat Kohli Foundation.

After the program, the star batsman in an interview with India Today talked at length about his leadership philosophy, how he handles pressure situations, how he evolved as a human being on playing cricket, on his fitness regimes and many more issues.

The 28-year-old cricketer said the whole point of doing this was to develop a sports culture in India. There should be a culture where everybody will be aware of all other sports, their rules, how the sportsperson prepares for any event. He also further added that there are many opportunities to let this grow as he will play for another 7-10 years at the highest level.

On talking about his evolution on playing cricket, Kohli said, “I don’t think anything apart from cricket has taught me more in life.”  He further mentioned that no educational degree would have taught him more than cricket has. Challenges will be thrown at you on a regular basis; you will tested every time when you step on to that field.”

“Playing cricket in this country is a challenge on a daily basis and you have to deal with those expectations not just of people only but your own expectations as well,” he further added.

While having a chat about self-doubt, the cricketer from Delhi said that there are no guarantees in sports; you have to look at tough times as they will teach you something which will eventually help you to become a better person. People will have to work hard on a daily basis even though the results will be negligible. If somebody is giving their 120% on a daily basis, they are not answerable to anybody.

“I am a happy man, but I’m not ever satisfied,” said the No. 1 ODI batsman in the world. He further revealed that he will be satisfied the day he hangs his boots.

Kohli talked extensively how the journey of Roger Federer from being very uncomposed to a legend in the game and believing in him has inspired him throughout.

Talking about an incident which changed him as a person, “The incident that has changed me is the first season of the Ranji Trophy where my father had passed away and I had to go out and play. Unknowingly it made me the person I’m today,” Kohli signed off.