Home News More Trouble for Mohammed Shami as Kolkata Police Sends Notice

More Trouble for Mohammed Shami as Kolkata Police Sends Notice


Mohammed Shami is currently playing for Delhi franchise in the Indian Premier League. He has not been at his brutal best as he registered few expensive figures in past two matches.

Meanwhile, the off-field controversies are not yet over for him as the Kolkata police summoned him for interrogation on April 18 at Lal Bazar headquarters of Kolkata.

This means that he might miss few IPL  matches due to the above reason stated.

Earlier in March, his wife Hasin Jehan had filed cases of domestic violence and several rape allegations on him. She also mentioned that Shami’s family are hurting her physically and she could no longer stay with him due to harassment.

Today morning, the manager of Shami received the summon from the police and this marks that Shami will return Kolkata anytime sooner to appear in front of the police.

Several WhatsApp chats of Shami with other girls were released by his wife last month. However, Shami denied all these allegations and said that he never tried to cheat his wife. He even went emotional saying that he was “worried” about his daughter who is too small.

Shami had been experiencing a rough patch in his life as he even met with an accident earlier this month which resulted in several stitches on his head.

Shami was filed under several sections by Kolkata police after his wife lodged a complaint and things may turn around if he has been found guilty of these charges.