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VIDEO: Great Fielding effort by Smriti Mandhana


While India’s men’s team has been going through their long tour of three tests, six odds and three T20 Internationals in Southafrica, the Indian women’s team has also been embracing the rainbow nation for the three-game ODI series and five t20 internationals.

It was on this tour that India registered their first ODI series win in South Africa, first is any format bilaterally vs the host, it was done by the women first and then the men followed.

In the ongoing T20 Internationals series as well the women’s team is leading Southafrica by 2-0 margin. None of these games, unfortunately, was televised, but the 3rd t20 game coincided with the men’s team playing their first t20 game of the series the series is now a televised event.

Meaning that people can watch the women’s team play on television.

During the 3rd game through something special happened in the field by India’s women’s team. Smriti Mandhana the left-handed Indian opener was fielding during the South African innings on the leg side boundary.

Just then the Southafrican batter played a short straight up to her, this was slightly out of reach from Mandhana and hence she jumped and went on for the catch, realising that she would not be in control of the ball & it will end up being a six she somehow managed to push the ball back into the play saving her side five previous runs.

The Indian team may have lost the game, batting first they only managed 133 which the Southafrican women chased down, but, this moment of desperation, energy and bravery went really well with fans and followers of Indian cricket team.

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What a fielding smriti 😄😄😄 win are loose we support never end 👍👍👍

Posted by Sathiya Manogar on Sunday, February 18, 2018

Many appreciated Smiriti’s work, the video of this moment went viral in a jiffy, with comments coming from a various corner over social media networks expressing their warmth. And love for Smriti Mandhana.