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VIDEO: Here is what happened in the Dinesh Chandimal alleged ball tampering incident


On the 2nd day of the 2nd test match between West Indies & Sri Lanka played at St Lucia, Dinesh the umpires Aleem Dar and Ian Gould charged Sri Lankan captain Dinesh Chandimal with ball tampering case. In the video footage, Dinesh Chandimal was seen using the sweets from left pocket and then tried to change the condition of the ball by using artificial materials to the ball in third sessions play with Kumara as a bowler.

All that you need to know about Ball Tampering

On the third day, Sri Lankan players did enter the field for two hours due to wrong allegations of ball tampering case. Aleem Dar, Ian Gould and third umpire Richard Kettleborough decided to charge Sri Lankan captain Dinesh Chandimal. Before the start of the third day, West Indies were awarded 5 penalty runs and Sri Lankan players were not happy with umpire’s decision. The Sri Lankan players created havoc and almost forfeit the game.

The umpires will use Chandimal video as a proof as the Sri Lankan management and on-field umpires, match referees would attend the hearing.

Here is a List Of Players Who were involved in Ball Tampering


If Dinesh Chandimal is found guilty according to ICC code of conduct, under the current laws, the maximum penalty would be one test match ban. Other incidents happened of ball tampering took place as Faf du Plessis used sweet against Australia. The Sri Lankan captain decided to appeal for the ball tampering charge.

In 2018, David Warner, Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft were found guilty of ball tampering case during the 3rd test match at Cape Town against South Africa. Steve Smith and David Warner were banned by Cricket Australia for 12 months while Cameron Bancroft for 9 months.

According to ICC Code of conduct, Dinesh Chandimal was found guilty of Level 2.2.9 dealing with changing the condition of the ball. Sri Lankan captain will face a hearing after the conclusion of the 2nd test match between Sri Lanka and West Indies played at St Lucia.

Sri Lanka has fought well in the second test match after losing the first test by 226 runs.

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