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5 Sports AB de Villiers has excelled in apart from cricket

AB de Villiers plays football during a training session. (Pic Source: AFP)

AB de Villiers has stunned the world over the years with his batting skills and 360 degree range of shots. He holds the record for the fastest 50, fastest 100, and fastest 150 in One Day Internationals. But there are lots of things you might not know about this Superman from South Africa. He played a hell lot of sports apart from cricket. He can truly be called a Jack of All Trades.

Let’s have a look at the top sports other than cricket in which AB de Villiers is adept.


ABD’s first love was tennis that he first took an immense liking to before he was attracted to a team sport like cricket. AB de Villiers was the member of South Africa’s junior Davis Cup tennis team. He was ranked in the top two in his age division for tennis in South Africa.He was also South Africa’s U-19 national badminton champion. ABD played tennis till the age of 13 before he gave it up for want of time and his better liking for other sports.


He was the Captain of South Africa Jr national Rugby team. This was the most followed sport at his school. He featured in the top rugby team of his school, the 1st XV of the Affies. He performed extraordinarily well and was selected for the Blue Balls U-18 side, which had some big names that would later represent South African rugby.


AB De Villiers once had a flair for hockey, and made it to the U-16 side of the school that did really well during the time he was a member. He was shortlisted for South Africa’s junior national hockey team.


He also played Golf and got a scratch handicap in it, which means he is a player whose average score for a round of golf is par or better. Whenever he is out of cricketing action, the Superman loves to spend some time in golf course.


He was shortlisted for South Africa’s junior national Football squad. He proved to be an outstanding player possessing amazing skills. During training sessions before cricket matches, the game of football is practiced by most teams.




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