Srishti"s Transformation from Fat to Fit is breaking the Internet

CricFit Srishti"s Transformation from Fat to Fit is breaking the Internet

My journey from a skinny teenager to an overweight one, took less than a year due to multiple issues with my health combined with a lot of stress and personal problems.

At that point, I was diagnosed with thyroid, fatty lever, insulin resistance, I had also developed PCOS, so a major imbalance in my hormones, I was a pre-diabetic suffering with high blood pressure, cholesterol, eating disorders, anxiety and even depression at one point. My weight jumped from 48kgs to a whopping 98kgs before I even realized it.

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At this point, I’d completed my course in nutrition after which I contemplated a practice as a health coach and nutrition educator. But somewhere deep within my heart, I wasn’t convinced to start practising professionally solely because I felt that showing myself a proof of concept by using my knowledge in transforming myself first would be fair.

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So there I was, I started working on my health with the aim of eliminating all the medicines I was on. While doing so, I guided and prescribed healthy lifestyles to more than 20 people (most of which were friends, family or acquaintances) all of whom eventually lost weight, became much fitter and started leading healthier lives. This lasted for around six months. Along with working on myself, I had successfully managed to change the lives of most of the people I had recommended healthier lifestyle approaches to.

Now that my knowledge has been tried and tested and proven to have made a positive impact on their healths as well as my own, this gives me the confidence today, to proudly announce that I am starting to practice professionally, in the capacity of a health coach and nutrition educator.

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Today, the only ‘before-after’ picture I want to share is of my own. This is to convey to each and every person who is struggling with their weight or health, that THE EASIEST THING IS TO GET HEALTHY AND FIT. The myth that it is difficult and rigorous has to be busted!

There is no need for any harsh diets, no calorie deprivation and no crazy hours of exercise. In my opinion, getting fitter and leaner is only a by-product of making healthy choices. I feel that we all deserve to know and understand a little more about our bodies and about food and exercise than we already do!

Personally, for my own body, my journey into health isn’t over yet. In fact, its just begun. I have a long long way to go to attain some of the goals I’ve set for myself. But I can proudly state that today, my face, fingers and feet aren’t swollen anymore, I"ve lost all the excess weight, I’m thyroid free, diabetes free and anxiety-free. From eating 16 pills a day, I’ve come down to 0! I have no eating disorder anymore and most importantly I share the happiest and most healthy relationship with food.

All I want to say is, If I can do it, so can you! And I would love to help you in any way I can!

For a personal consultation, you can email me at and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience!

Thank you and lots of love!