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Burglary At MS Dhoni’s House In Noida

(Photo by Dibyangshu SARKAR / AFP)

Former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s name is currently trending in the social media. While many of the cricket enthusiasts are backing him for utilizing the gloves with the symbol of Indian army, the ICC is still yet to give its final call on the request made by the BCCI. Not a few hours after all this drama, there’s another thing that has happened.

Three men are arrested after burglary in Dhoni’s rented home at Noida. The house is under rent to a person named Vikram Singh. In April, things such as LCD TV and digital camera recorder were missing from the home.

Things went missing while there were few renovation works going on at the residence. The three people named Rahul, Bablu and Ikhlaq are taken into custody now and the police are currently suspecting their links with few other gangs in the city.

The home is at sector 104 Noida and this news became a highlight in late April. The police also happened to find a few more LCD televisions, batteries and laptops from this gang.  “They would look at houses with no lights switched on, and ring the doorbell multiple times to observe if someone came out — just to ensure no one was inside before breaking into it,” a senior police officer said regarding the method used by the burglars for their series of events in the past.

Further developments on this news are expected. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently at London for the match against Australia on Sunday as a part of World Cup 2019.


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