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Academy Tales: CricFit Academy’s 14 Year Old Sarah Muhammad Samir Gets Shortlisted For Mumbai U-19

Sarah Muhammad Samir

A star is born at CricFit. Well and truly CricFit brings to you a tale of another champion, Sarah Muhammad Samir.

Sarah is shortlisted for Mumbai U-19 squad at a tender age of 14! She is selected to play for the U-16 Mumbai squad as well.

Apart from making the state teams, she has been a regular selection at the MCA and school team every year.

Sarah is a fast bowler. She says it’s her family who inspires her for cricket. Her brother also plays cricket.

She has been a part of CricFit for the last 3 years. She calls it her home ground. At CricFit she notably credits, Mikkhail Sir (her mentor), Dinesh sir(coach) and Rohan sir(coach). She also credits Kalpana Achrekar ma’am who has groomed her well.

Mikkhail Vaswani With Sarah
Sarah receiving guidance from mentor Mikkhail Vaswani

She adds Mikkhail sir is a “father figure to me. He has a special place in my heart.”

Sarah also throws light on her personal struggles. She lost focus and her relatives were reluctant for this profession. It was a difficult step to take for her personally. But looking at her performances now, it indeed has been a right call for her to take.

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Sarah has a clear vision to play for India. To realise her dream she follows a path of hard work, focus, humbleness and patience.

CricFit wishes Sarah all the very best for her future endeavours. We are positive that with her grit and determination, one day she will make the entire nation proud.


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