VIDEO: Angry Fans Indulge In Physical Violence Outside The Venue


To quote the Afghan Skipper, Gulbadin Naib (before the Pakistan game), “Pakistan is our neighbour country, so it’s very good for us to play a lot of cricket with [them]. Also if you play a lot of cricket, it’s good for the country’s relationship. So I’m hoping in the upcoming years we’ll play a lot of cricket with them.”

Where the skipper is hopeful that cricket will mend the relations between the two nations, there we see a disheartening act caught on camera by the fans.

Pakistan is playing Afghanistan at Headingley on Saturday. With the tournament currently placed, it is almost mandatory for Pakistan to win the two remaining matches for the semi-final berth.

With that being said, what caught the public attention is the incident that took place outside the venue prior to the match.

Few angry Afghan fans indulged in physical violence, beating up Pakistan fans. A group of fans were seen fighting with the flags and hitting each other. A lot of people came to interrupt the fight but the situation started to get intense.

A video of the same is currently trending on Twitter and the entire cricketing world is dissatisfied with the horrible act gesture. Cricket has seen stories where it unites the fans but there is also this dark side to the rivalry.

Watch The Entire Video Here-  

Afghanistan has not won a single game in this tournament and fans are extremely upset regarding the same. This might have prompted them to these levels of frustration.

A lot of internal politics in the team means the group is not a very happy group. They got their replacements without any proper reasons and change of captain just before the tournament has raised several questions. However, coach Phil Simmons said that he will reveal the incidents happening behind
the scenes after the World Cup.



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