Home Cricket News ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: [WATCH] Virat Kohli’s Reaction To ‘Kohli Ko Bowling Do’ At Wankhede Goes Viral

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: [WATCH] Virat Kohli’s Reaction To ‘Kohli Ko Bowling Do’ At Wankhede Goes Viral

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: [WATCH] Virat Kohli’s Reaction To ‘Kohli Ko Bowling Do’ At Wankhede Goes Viral

The 2023 World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka at the iconic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai was an electrifying affair, with both teams giving their all to secure a spot in the knockout stages of the tournament. However, amidst the roaring crowd and high-stakes cricket, a particular moment stood out that added a humorous twist to the game.

As Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, walked onto the field, the Wankhede crowd erupted into a chorus of “Kohli ko bowling do!” This chant was not just a spontaneous expression of the fans’ love for the cricketer but also a testament to the fact that Kohli, who was primarily known for his batting prowess, had been spending more time away from the bowling crease in recent years.

Kohli, known for his passion for the game and his ability to handle high-pressure situations, responded to the crowd in a typically witty and humorous manner. With a playful grin on his face, he gestured to his teammates, jokingly offering the ball to them. The crowd roared with laughter as they saw Kohli playfully mimicking the act of bowling.

The moment went viral on social media, and fans couldn’t get enough of the humorous exchange. It was a rare instance of a player embracing the light-hearted banter from the spectators and showcasing his ability to enjoy the game despite the immense pressure and expectations placed on him.

Kohli’s response was a reflection of the camaraderie and rapport he shares with the cricket-loving public in India.

He has always been one to engage with the fans, whether it’s through his social media posts or his interactions on the field. This incident only strengthened his connection with the audience, endearing him to them even more.

The match itself was a thrilling contest, with both teams giving it their all. India managed to secure a hard-fought victory, with Kohli contributing both with his captaincy and his batting skills.

The “Kohli ko bowling do!” moment served as a lighthearted interlude in the midst of intense competition, reminding everyone that cricket is not just about winning and losing but also about enjoying the moments that make the sport special.

In the end, Kohli’s witty response to the crowd’s chant showcased his ability to balance the seriousness of professional cricket with a sense of humour, making him not just a cricketing icon but also a beloved figure among fans.

The 2023 World Cup will be remembered not only for the high-intensity matches but also for moments like these that added a touch of fun and laughter to the game.

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