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Jasprit Bumrah Makes Adjustments In His Bowling To Overcome Injury Concerns: Reports

Star India fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah was sidelined for nearly 11 months due to injuries, causing him to sit out from crucial tournaments. Bumrah secured a pair of wickets in the first T20I against Ireland. After rigorous training, he has made a comeback to the international arena and is set to play a crucial role in India’s ambitions to secure victory in the upcoming Asia Cup and ODI World Cup.

Prior to these events, there are reports that Bumrah has made significant changes to his bowling technique and run-up, aiming to enhance his performance and ensure long-term freedom from injuries. Significantly, during the initial T20I against Ireland, the 29-year-old cricketer successfully took two wickets, conceding only 24 runs over the course of his four overs.

Although he displayed a slight lack of sharpness at the beginning, it’s anticipated that Bumrah will progressively regain his rhythm and become as impactful as he was previously.

Concurrently, an insider from the National Cricket Academy (NCA) has authenticated Bumrah’s modification in his technique and provided insight into the motivation behind this alteration while monitoring his advancements.

“Prior to his stress fracture breakdown, if you closely watch Bumrah’s bowling videos, he would first briskly walk six to seven steps and then load up at the bowling crease on his seventh stride to unleash his thunderbolts. While watching him bowl against Ireland, one could witness that he has increased his run-up by 2-3 strides with a bigger follow-through compared to earlier times. It’s not a massive revamp of his action but a slight bit of remodelling in order to stay injury free for a long time,” According to a statement provided by a source to NDTV.

Jasprit Bumrah is leading the Indian Team against Ireland

The insider has also examined Bumrah’s bowling style prior to and following his injury, noting that previously, he resembled a high-speed fighter jet on the field, delivering rapid and swift balls with minimal steps. However, in recent times, he has adopted a new approach, incorporating additional strides to alleviate the strain on his back.

“Post injury, he has increased I guess 2-3 strides at the max. Now fast bowling requires strong legs. The slightly longer run-up is giving him time to build the momentum and allow his legs to be a force multiplier. And then a slightly longer follow-through that puts less pressure on the back just after release. I am sure this will help him in curbing injuries in future,” he concluded.

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