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Virat Kohli shares the moment that changed his career

Virat Kohli in action on the fourth day © AFP

Virat Kohli. The name is enough to create a fear factor in the opposition. Leading the side in all formats, he has always exhibited his best in the middle. He has been amassing several records in the gentleman’s game till now.

In the latest interview with Graham Bensinger, one of the most heard names among sports journalists, Virat shared about the moment that changed his life. He said that his dad’s death changed his career and gave a glimpse of this emotional moment.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli celebrates after scoring his 42nd ODI century against Windies at Port of Spain. (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

Kohli said that his dad was mentally sick and affected by a stroke when he lost a huge amount in online share trading. “ He was such a self-made person and after seeing him in that condition was a bit difficult for me“, said Virat.

Virat said that after two months of continual bed rest, his dad had a cardiac arrest which took his life. What’s interesting here is Virat wanted to play the domestic game for his side even on the day of the tragedy. “ I called my coach and said the entire thing. I said I wanted to play today. Once, I reached the dressing room, the coach briefed about the happenings and everyone started consoling me. That was the moment when I broke down“, said Kohli.

“I am living my Dad’s dream” – Virat Kohli

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Virat’s dad always wanted him to see represent a cricket side at the highest level. He is happy that he is now an integral part of the international side and living his dad’s dream.

Meanwhile, the skipper led the side to a series victory in all formats in the Caribbean. He will be seen in action during the T20I series against the Proteas next week.

Virat Kohli is now the successful Indian skipper with 28 victories in the longest format of the game. What records will he be amassing during the Proteas tour?