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Fat But Fit: 5 Fattest Cricketers To Have Ever Played The Game


(Photo by Peter Muhly/Getty Images)
(Photo by Peter Muhly/Getty Images)

Geez. It is almost impossible to forget the stunning one-handed slip catch that Dwyane ‘Sluggo’ Leverock (weighing approximately around 127 kg) took to dismiss Robin Uthapppa in Bermuda’s encounter with India in the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup. He instantly became the feel-good hit of that edition of the World Cup. You will be surprised to know that he former Bermudian left-arm spinner is a policeman by profession and also drives a prison van. One cannot help but feel pity for the criminals. His list of aptitudes doesn’t stop here. He previously played football at Hull City with the Bermudian team, Zebras where he was a striker. Besides cricket and football, he also plays golf. Now that’s what you call a true talent. Despite the fact that the Bermudian team has disappeared from the international circuit akin to how people disappear in the Bermuda triangle, Dwyane Leverock’s name is unlikely to fade away from people’s memories in the days to come.
SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENT-Leverock won the Bermuda Sun Sports Personality of the Year Award for the second time running in 2007.

Fitness is indeed essential for a healthy life. Do not neglect your fitness and health conditions. Their negligence may backfire any time without issuing any prior notice. An active and vigorous lifestyle is the need of the hour.

In spite of being heavy weight cricketers, these five gentlemen have pinpointed the fact that it is possible to overcome the various obstacles life that life has in store. One just requires the necessary orientation for it. cricfit.com salutes such individuals.

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