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Top 5 Angry moments of Virat Kohli


  1. India vs Australia Test 2017

It was on Day 4 of India vs Australia second test where things started to heat up between the two Captains. Steve Smith was ruled out lbw in an intense chase of 188, apparently, Smith was seen looking at the dressing room for an indication whether to go for the review or not. This incident exasperated the Indian Skipper, who went on the press conference saying,

“There are loop holes in every technology. People are bound to make mistakes…. But we take our own decisions; we don’t look for confirmation upstairs.”- Virat Kohli

“I saw it happen twice, their players going upstairs (looking at the dressing room). That is why the umpire knew what was happening. We brought it to their attention and told the match referee. They knew what was going on. This is a line you don’t cross. I will never do that.” – Virat Kohli

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