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10 Memorable Quotes on the legendary Sir Donald Bradman


Sir Donald Bradman is arguably the greatest batsman to have ever played the game of cricket. Born on 27 August 1908, it has been over a century but he still rules the record books of the game and also the minds of the spectators.

As a tribute to this legend, on his birthday we have come up with some memorable quotes on this Australian great.

1. “His innings may have closed, but his legacy will forever live on in the hearts of millions of Australians.Mark Taylor.

2. “As I ran up to bowl, Bradman seemed to know where the ball was going to pitch, what stroke he was going to play and how many runs he was going to score.”Jim Laker.

3. “He is probably the most important Australian of all time.”Richie Benaud.

4. “He was a great player and inspiration to millions of people including myself. His statistics are mind-blowing and it is difficult to put in context. He was a once-in-a-lifetime player and his contribution off the field is significant as well”.Steve Waugh.

5. “Isn”t that Don Bradman over there? I would like to be introduced.”Winston Churchill.

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6. “He was a perfectionist, good at everything he did, and a very nice man as well.”Trevor Bailey.

7. “I think the best compliment was from Sir Don Bradman when he announced his all-time Test XI and I was a part of that squad. That would be the best compliment”.Sachin Tendulkar.

8. Certainly the best I’ve seen. People talk of Sir Don, but our generation and the ones immediately before us didn’t get to see him… Sure, he has an astounding average (99.94)”.Waqar Younis

9. “Bodyline was devised to stifle Bradman’s batting genius. They said I was a killer with the ball, without talking into account that Bradman, with the bat, was the greatest killer of all.”Harold Larwood.

10.Some people are fascinated by fame and it just draws people to be part of it, and there”s absolutely nobody who ever lived who could enjoy that process less than my dad”.Bradman’s son, John Bradman.

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