5 Indian Cricket Facts That Might Sound Fake But Are Actually True

Cricket is a sport that has a massive fanbase all over the world. It is the most popular sport in Asian countries with India having one of the largest fan bases. Millions follow the game in the Indian subcontinent and it is nothing short of a religion.

And, the fans of the sport in India go to great lengths to know about their favorite players. Also, with the advent of social media, people can get to know what their cricketing idols are up to.

But then, there are a few facts that many Indian cricket fans might not know, and these facts might even surprise them:

5. Virat Kohli bagged his first T20I wicket without bowling a single legal delivery

Virat Kohli takes wicket with the first (0th?) ball of his T20I career - Cricket Country

Virat Kohli is known around the world for his batting prowess. He is one of the modern-day greats. Not many know this but Virat Kohli is the only bowler to get his first T20I wicket without bowling a single legal delivery. This happened on 31st August 2011.

Kohli was brought on to bowl during the 8th over of the England innings. Kohli delivered his first ball in T20I cricket down the leg side to Kevin Pietersen, and the ball was adjudged as a wide. But then, the England batsman lost balance for a fraction of a second while trying to flick the ball, and MS Dhoni whipped the bails off in a flash. Pietersen was caught short of the crease. And so, without bowling a single legal delivery in his T20I career, Kohli scalped his first wicket.

In that game, Virat Kohli bowled 3 overs and gave away just 22 runs. He has a total of 4 wickets in his T20I career but the first one will always be in the record books.

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