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5 Indian Cricketers And Their Deluxe Restaurants

2. Tendulkar’s by Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar’s by Sachin Tendulkar

Joining hands with renowned hotelier Sanjay Narang of Mars group, Sachin, The master blaster, opened a restaurant named Tendulkar’s in 2002 in Mumbai. He also opened his second restaurant named Sachin’s in Mumbai and Bangalore. The restaurant offered all the worldwide favourite dishes of Sachin.

“Why don’t we do a piping along the edge of the apron and make it about a quarter-inch thick?’ I hadn’t thought of this, but it looked really great. This gives you an idea of how he (Tendulkar) thinks of everything in detail,” Forbes quoted Narang as saying. 

Unfortunately, this project was not successful and the restaurants are closed permanently as of now. It is believed that Sachin might come back to this business any time soon but there is no update so far on this.