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5 Instances when misbehavior of stadium crowd shamed cricket

1. India Vs Pakistan (Eden Gardens, 1999)

(Image Courtesy: PTI/AP)
(Image Courtesy: PTI/AP)

It was the moment of Asian Test Championship and India-Pakistan match are always of high intensity. A not much less than 1 Lakh crowd in the galleries were cheering for Sachin, who was run-out controversially after colliding with Shoaib Akhtar.

The crowd started chanting ‘cheat-cheat’ which became louder and intensified. The crowd started throwing shoes and bottles at Shoaib Akhtar when he came to field at the deep.

The umpires had to break early for tea, and Sachin and Jagmohan Dalmia came out to request the crowds to calm down.

The unrest started again when India was thrashed to 231-9, a few spectators started burning newspapers, throwing fruits and bottles into the ground. Then the whole crowd were forcefully evacuated by the police force and the play was resumed.

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