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5 Instances when misbehavior of stadium crowd shamed cricket

5. India Vs South Africa (Cuttack, 2015)

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REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui)

There is definitely a reason why there are so many restrictions on the items you can carry inside the stadium, including the very harmless water bottles and soda cans. Crowd trouble was witnessed on Monday (2nd T20I) at Cuttack as a section of the crowd started throwing bottles on the ground as India were stepping towards defeat in the 2nd T20I against South Africa, forcing play to be suspended not once, but twice.

Angry Cuttack fans hurled water bottles during India vs South Africa second T20I. © PTI

On the first occasion, the play was forced to suspend for 27 minutes. After play resumed, two overs were bowled but yet again the crowd repeated the disgraceful act. Play was paused again and during this, the entire upper tier had to be evacuated before South Africa could finally win comfortably.

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