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5 on-field spats of the hot-headed Gautam Gambhir

  1. Gautam Gambhir – Kamran Akmal (Asia Cup, 2010)

CricfitGambhirAkmalAn India-Pakistan encounter is always intensified at its peak and the kind of pressure and hype that surrounds the battle has led to quite a few blow-ups in the past. It was all about the episode of ‘How I insulted your mother’ after Gambhir missed a delivery by a mile but the Pakistan keeper Kamran Akmal appealed with full enthusiasm for a catch behind.

Akmal infuriated Gautam Gambhir so much that after the over had finished, Gambhir walked straight up to Akmal menacingly and confronted him about the appeal. Then the two clash in a forehead to forehead, eyeball to eyeball confrontation. Umpires and MS Dhoni intervened to handle the situation.

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