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5 on-field spats of the hot-headed Gautam Gambhir


It has been quite evident over the years in Indian Cricket that Delhi boys get charged up easily and involve themselves in some heated moments.

On-field spat, sledding, and aggression have always added flavor to the game. They are enjoyable from the viewer”s point of view but the ‘gentleman’s game’ did turn out to be offensive when they became ugly.

Aggression becomes necessary at times in sport to justify your commitment and make sure you give your 100% out there in the field.

The Indian player who has involved himself in on-field spats the most in cricket history has to be Gautam Gambhir. The southpaw from Delhi got into altercations with players from almost every nation, Pakistan being the most and did not even spare his teammates.

Let’s have a look at some of the ugly ones.

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