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5 Times When MS Dhoni Lost His Cool On The Cricket Field

5 Times When MS Dhoni Lost His Cool On The Cricket Field
MS Dhoni

The former Indian captain MS Dhoni is known for his cool and calm demeanour on the cricket field which led to him earning the title of ‘Captain cool’ during his career. However, there are few instances when MS Dhoni lost his cool. The cricketer from Jharkhand made his debut way back in 2004 and since then he has always stayed away from being aggressive and has always remained calm whether he is batting or behind the stumps.

The legendary cricketer very rarely is seen taking an aggressive route during a match and is often the calming influence over his side. He has always controlled his temper has rarely been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. This quality has always separated him from the rest which has helped him immensely under pressure situations in his legendary career. But has he ever lost his cool?

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Here are five of the rare instances where MS Dhoni lost his cool during a match that surprised everyone:

1. India vs Bangladesh 2015

MS Dhoni colliding with Mustafizur Rahman

This happened just after the cricket ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 when India toured Bangladesh for a three-match ODI series. Mustafizur Rahman, who made his debut in that match was bowling brilliantly and had India in trouble. MS Dhoni, who as usual was trying to run quickly between the wickets and rotate strike collided with the Bangladeshi pacer who deliberately came in the way of Dhoni when he was attempting a second run.

Notably, the pacer earlier in the innings could have had the same tackle with Rohit Sharma but in the last moment stopped before crashing into each other. MS Dhoni saw that from the dressing room and when he came out in the middle, he did not take this lightly and strongly shoved Mustafizur in the middle.

Bangladesh ultimately won that match and both the players were fined by the match referee for their behaviour.

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