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6 Batsmen to have hit 6 sixes in an over


6 Batsmen to have hit 6 sixes in an over: With the introduction of shorter format of cricket, big hittings and innovative shots have been the feature of cricket. The rules in modern era favour more the batsmen than bowlers. Often some devastating batsmen try to go for maximum almost in every ball when they are going through a phase of decent touch. With it they have introduced higher level of innovation in the game. But hitting 6 sixes in an over is like once in a blue moon. Only few players have succeeded in achieving this unbelievable feat. Here goes the list of 6 batsmen who have hit all 6 out of 6 in an over in recognized cricket out of the park.

6. Sir Gary Sobers


‘Sir’ Gary Sobers achieved this historic feat for the first time in cricket. The cricketer who has been referred as all-time great by Donald Bradman and no wonder he is being called as ‘Sir’. He hit 6 out of 6 against Malcolm Nash while playing for Nottinghamshire. It was on 31st August, 1968 when he used to be the captain for his side.

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