The IPL is set to begin next month in the UAE. As the season kicks of after a delay of five months, BCCI has laid out a draft mentioning few rules and regulations pertaining to COVID-19 protocol. As per the draft, all Indian players and support staff will have to undergo two COVID-19 RT-PCR tests, 24 hours apart, a week before joining the 14-day quarantine period with their franchises in India.

Also if a player tests positive then we will undergo 14-day quarantine followed by two COVID-19 RT-PCR tests within a space of 24 hours. If the tests return negative then the player can fly to the UAE.

BCCI releases bio-secure bubble rules for IPL 2020

A BCCI official confirmed the latest rules set by BCCI for the safety of the players and smooth conducting of the IPL. The official also mentioned that minor changes would take place depending on the feedback they receive from the team management.

“Following their arrival in the UAE, the players and support staff will have to return at least three negative tests during a week’s quarantine and if they are negative, they can enter the bio-bubble and start training. There could be minor changes to this protocol depending on the feedback from the teams but there will not be any compromise on players and team officials’ safety,” the official said.

BCCI releases bio-secure bubble for IPL 2020

Similar rules will be in place for the foreign players, they will have to undergo two COVID tests before flying to UAE. If in case they test positive then the same protocol of quarantine will be followed like it is for the Indian players.

“All overseas players and support staff also need to undergo two COVID-19 RT-PCR tests before flying into the UAE and can only fly if the tests are negative. If not, then the same 14-day quarantine period and two negative tests to be able to fly to the UAE,” said the official.

Following Jofra Archer’s breach during the England-West Indies series, the BCCI has set a 7-day quarantine for players who breach the bio-secure bubble. Following which they need to return with two negative tests in order to re-enter the bubble.

“And anyone who breaches the bio-secure protocols will have to be in self-isolation for seven days and return two negative tests on day 6 and 7 to be allowed to re-enter the bio-bubble,” the official added.