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7 essential foods for Cricket nutrition


7 essential foods for Cricket nutrition: Food and cricket performance goes hand in hand. Eating and drinking right can make a significant difference to how well you train and how much endurance you have on the pitch.

What does “eating right” look like?  Here are 7 foods which are use to help & meet the cricket nutrition goals; chances are they will help you too.

According to cricketer”s Banana”s are a good source of energy. © AFP/AP

  1. Cottage Cheese. A great source of protein. It can be used in a variety of ways. Eat it before bed because it contains a type of protein called casein that is released more slowly through the night.

  1. Mixed Nuts. Nuts taste dead good and are a source of healthy fat. You can snack on them easily, but there are plenty of ways to cook them up as part of a proper meal too.

  1. Spinach. Strengthens your immune system. You can have it in omelets to get a good balance of veggies and complete protein in one meal.

  1. Tuna. Fresh tuna is rich in protein and good omega-3 fats. Tuna is a tasty convenient protein source. Cricketers need a bit more protein than the average person and tuna is an excellent way to get it.

  1. Broccoli. Rich in antioxidants, if you want to feel good broccoli is high in the list of foods to eat. Fresh is best, just making sure you steam it so as not to lose too many micronutrients in the cooking.

  1. Bananas. Energy and potassium in one easy to munch yellow snack. If you get hungry on the day of a match and you on the pinch grab a banana rather than a cake, sandwich or mars bar.
  2. Green Tea. It”s not a food, but it”s a wonderful drink. It has been claimed to boost metabolism in those wanting to lose weight, have positive effects on prevention and treatment of cancer and lower cholesterol. Although that has not been proven beyond doubt, what is certain is its benefit when replacing coffee, and soft drinks. It”s got no calories and less caffeine.

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