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A Kerala man fulfills his wife”s last request to meet this cricket legend


A resident of Palakkad district, Kerala, N Ramesh Kumar has fulfilled his cancer ridden wife’s last wishes of meeting her idol, the little master Sachin Tendulkar.

The Kerala man paid tribute to his wife with a long Facebook post written in Malayalam, who died shortly after fulfilling her dream of seeing the master blaster.

(Pic Source: Facebook)

“I would like to see my hero Sachin Tendulkar,” the Kerala man quoted her wife while he wrote the Facebook post on Tuesday. Her wife was going through a course of chemotherapy after the disease relapsed for the second time; when she said she wanted to meet the icon.

Sachin was due to travel to Kochi to watch his team Kerala Blasters match in Indian Super League scheduled on October 6 last year at the Kaloor International Stadium. Kumar said Achu; her wife read that in a newspaper and said to him, “I am not afraid of my death. Will you take me there?”

He somehow managed to arrange tickets along with his friends who came forward to help him. “Four of our friends accompanied us inside the stadium. “First, we made note of all exit points. Police also helped us with a standby ambulance,” he thanked the police for their immense support.

Sachin Tendulkar (Pic Source: Tom Shaw/Getty Images Europe)

”Amid the chant of Sachin-Sachin, we forget all our pain. And Achu looked the most beautiful that day,” he wrote and posted a selfie with their son in the stadium.

Kumar while giving explanation said his intention was not to gain sympathy out of this post; instead, he wanted people who are suffering from cancer to tackle life and death head on as her beloved wife did.

“She has set an example to follow… whatever is to happen will happen. There will be big hurdles but never give up. Fight till your last breath…Life is really beautiful, enjoy every bit of it. All best, he signed off.

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