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A Monkey Bite Is The Cause Of Rinku Singh’s Fitness Issue: Shubman Gill

A Monkey Bite Is The Cause Of Rinku Singh’s Fitness Issue: Shubman Gill

Rinku Singh, a standout performer in India’s white-ball cricket, has become a reliable choice at both No. 5 and No. 6 in T20Is and ODIs. After impressing in Indian conditions, Rinku is now gearing up for the challenge in South Africa, starting with the first T20I on December 10.

In a recent interview with BCCI, Rinku discussed playing under head coach Rahul Dravid, his role, and fitness. However, Shubman playfully crashed his interview. While discussing his fitness, Shubman humorously mentioned that Rinku can run so fast because he was bitten by a monkey.

“Bandar kata hai isiliye tez bhagta hai (He has been running fast since getting bitten by a monkey),” said Gill.

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Shubman Gill interrupted India star Rinku Singh’s interview before the first T20I against South Africa

Assessing the South African wickets after India’s initial practice session, Rinku, a key contributor to India’s recent T20I series triumph against Australia, remarked:

“When I battered here today, there was extra bounce here compared to Indian wickets.”

“The pace is a bit more, so will practice against pace bowling.” India will play the first of their three T20Is against the Proteas here on Sunday and Rinku is expected to bat at the crucial No. 5 or No. 6 position.”

“He mentioned that head coach Rahul Dravid had advised him to play his natural game and take on the batting positions of No.5 or No.6.”

“The first practice session, I enjoyed it a lot because of the fine wether. Getting the opportunity to work with Rahul Dravid sir, so that was a good feeling. He told me to continue playing the way I do and continue believing in myself,” Rinku told BCCI.tv.

“(He told me) to keep playing at No. 5 or 6. It is tough to play in that position, but keep pushing yourself and believe in yourself.”

The powerful batsman from Uttar Pradesh mentioned that occupying the two vital positions since 2013 had instilled in him the confidence to fulfill a similar role for India.

“I have been playing for UP since 2013 at No. 5 or 6. So, I have got used to that position. I keep backing myself to play in that position because it is very tough to play in that position if 4-5 wickets are down,” Rinku said.

“Then you have to build a partnership. So I keep telling myself, the more I can keep myself calm, the better it is (for me), and not to react,” said Rinku.

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