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Aakash Chopra Slams Pakistani Players Who Claimed ‘India Lost Deliberately Against England’


Aakash Chopra on his YouTube channel has criticised the remarks made by several Pakistani players on India’s defeat to England in the world cup. Before the match, every Pakistani was cheering for India as if their own country was playing. Once hosts England won the match the love for India soon disappeared as Pakistan claimed India lost deliberately. Even after a year later Pakistan still believes India lost as they wanted them out of the world cup.

India was chasing a mammoth total of 338 runs and was off to slow start. Once Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli were set they started changing gears and it looked as if India will knock England out of the world cup. In the end, England fought back and ultimately wrapped up the match by 31runs. MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav weren’t able to play the big shots in the end due which surprised everyone.

Aakash Chopra takes a jibe at Pakistan cricketers

Recently Ben Stokes who was part of the game wrote in his book that he was surprised by the tactics of Indian batsmen in the end. Once this news went Virat former Pakistani players such as Abdul Razzaq and Waqar Younis again started commenting on Indian batsmen’s approach in the last few overs.

Abdul Razzaq said, “There is no doubt that India lost on purpose. I had told this at that time as well. In fact, everyone else opined the same. For a person like Dhoni who can hit fours and sixes at will, he was blocking everything. Hence, one tends to know”.

England after defeating India in the world cup.

Meanwhile, popular commentator Aakash Chopra on his YouTube channel’s show Aakash Vani explained in detail how India lost that much. Aakash was part of the Hindi commentary panel for that crucial match. Aakash Chopra suggested former Pakistan players think before speaking and have some ‘Sharam’.

“I am wearing a T-shirt which says Sharam (shame) not found. Think a little and have some shame. Waqar Younis, despite being the brand ambassador for the ICC, gave a statement during the World Cup that India threw the match away on purpose. I mean seriously”.

“Some former Pakistan cricketers seem to have passed the verdict. They are saying that India lost the match to England intentionally to ensure Pakistan doesn’t go through. They are even suggesting that ICC should fine India and something like this is not acceptable. How can they even suggest something like that,” said Chopra

“It is understandable if the partnership between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma didn’t make sense to Stokes or if he was confused by Dhoni’s approach towards the end. But he never said that India deliberately lost the match,” he added. 

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