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Aamir Khan & Virat Kohli have come together for a Diwali special show


The men in blue skipper and Bollywood’s perfectionist Amir Khan were spotted together in Mumbai yesterday while they were shooting for a Diwali chat show. Both got engaged in a candid chat where they discussed Kohli’s relationship with Anushka, their bad habits and on Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s statement on Kohli.

Notably, Amir who is busy shooting his next film ‘Secret Superstar’ came down from Singapore to attend the chat show.

From the picture surfacing on the internet, it can be guessed that the two switched their roles as Virat was seen holding clapboard while Amir was spotted with an India team jersey on his hands.

According to a journalist who was present at the shooting, the flamboyant cricket who has avoided talking about his personal life, opened about his relationship with the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma for the first time.

During the chat, when asked about what are his likes and dislikes about Anushka, Virat admitted that Anushka is very honest and caring. She has also helped him grow as a person in the last three-four years. Talking about his dislikes, the world no 1 batsman said that Anushka always arrives 5-7 minutes late.

Moving on, few clips were shown where the duo’s close friends were seen talking about them. RCB teammate and team India colleague KL Rahul was seen showering heaps of praise oh his skipper for the fitness he carries on and for his responsible nature. Mentioning his dislikes about Kohli, Rahul stated that Kohli is always on his phone and he shows off a lot walking around in the dressing room without his shirt.

On the other, Zara Wasim Amir’s friend and who is also a star in the next movie mentioned that the Bollywood actor never takes shower and always keeps the air-conditioner at the lowest temperature.

As the show went on Kohli was asked to name three of his favorite movies of Amir Khan on which he named Joh Jeeta Wohi Sikander, 3 Idiots, and PK. Amir in a sarcastic manner said that PK was his obvious choice as Anushka was the heroine of the film.

Other than movies and relationship, they also talked about Ram Rahim’s statement on Kohli, their favorite cricketing innings as well.

The show is scheduled to get aired on Diwali; however, there is no confirmation on the date and channel. It will be an absolute delight for the fans to watch their heroes get engaged in a such a candid show.

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