Home Cricket News Abhishek Sharma Surpasses Virat Kohli To Achieve A Feat In IPL 2024

Abhishek Sharma Surpasses Virat Kohli To Achieve A Feat In IPL 2024

Abhishek Sharma Surpasses Virat Kohli To Achieve A Feat In IPL 2024

Abhishek Sharma, the opener for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), made history by breaking the record for the most sixes hit by an Indian batsman in a single season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

This notable achievement was secured during SRH’s final league match against Punjab Kings at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Abhishek’s explosive performance included 6 sixes and 5 fours.


That too in a swift 66 runs off just 28 balls. Abhishek’s record-breaking season saw him hit a total of 39 sixes, surpassing the previous record set by Virat Kohli, who had hit 38 sixes for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the 2016 IPL season. This outstanding feat by Abhishek has drawn significant attention and praise from cricket fans and analysts, emphasizing his powerful batting skills.

Virat Kohli, known for his consistent high-level performances in the IPL, also made headlines in the 2024 season by hitting 37 sixes, matching his impressive tally from the 2016 season. Kohli’s continued presence in the list of top six hitters highlights his long-standing prowess and influence in the tournament. Another notable mention is Rishabh Pant, who demonstrated his batting strength by hitting 37 sixes for Delhi Capitals in the 2018 season.

Shivam Dube’s 35 sixes bolstered CSK’s 2023 IPL season, proving his prowess as a reliable power-hitter alongside Pant and Kohli.

Pant’s ability to clear the boundary consistently has cemented his status as a formidable player in the league. In addition to Pant and Kohli, Shivam Dube also made his mark with powerful hitting for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the 2023 IPL season. Dube hit 35 sixes, significantly contributing to CSK’s campaign and reinforcing his reputation as a dependable big-hitter.

Abhishek Sharma’s record-setting performance not only highlights his individual talent but also places him among an elite group of IPL players known for their six-hitting capabilities. His achievement in surpassing Kohli’s record is particularly significant given Kohli’s established dominance in the league. The performances of these players underscore the high level of competition.

With the remarkable batting feats that continue to characterize the IPL. Overall, Abhishek Sharma’s entry into the record books reflects his remarkable skill and the evolving dynamics of power-hitting in modern T20 cricket. His milestone, achieved in such a spectacular fashion, is likely to inspire future players and remains a testament to the thrilling nature of the IPL.

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