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Academy Reports: Krishna Priya Joins CricFit Academy As Fitness Trainer And Consultant

Krishna Priya

The most important part of any athlete’s regime is fitness. CricFit is a platform which delivers you content from the arenas of cricket and fitness.

In training our students, we lay utmost emphasis on fitness. It is essential that from a young age we inculcate the values of fitness among our kids. Hence to teach that we have no one better than Mrs Krishna Priya.

Mrs Priya apart from being a fitness consultant is a mother of two. She is a certified fitness trainer and a pilates instructor. She is also the official fitness instructor of Beledi which is a dance form of fitness.

Previously, she has organised boot camps and workshops in academic and corporate institutions. She also provides online fitness programmes.

“Fitness is about being healthy and physically fit. More than physical appearance, being fit gives me a lot of self-confidence in accepting & embracing my body. It gives me immense mental & emotional strength to face day to day challenges,” she added.

After being a mother of two, it was her decision to regain her pre-pregnancy body.

“I have always been active. Two kids later, I made a decision to regain my pre-pregnancy body. I worked towards being physically fit and active, regaining my strength and stamina. This passion towards fitness was the main factor of me becoming a personal fitness trainer. I love helping and inspiring women in embracing a healthy lifestyle,” she further added.

With modern century glued to technology, she says it could be used to be productive.

“Technology has almost eliminated most physical activities. This can be countered by using technology in a productive way, by use of activity trackers, smartphone fitness apps, online fitness programs and such.

Fitness enthusiasts can find a lot of fitness videos and information on social media like Instagram, youtube. Definitely technology used properly can go a long way to improve one’s well being.”


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