Home Cricket News “All Cricket Matches That People See Are Fixed,” Claims Sanjeev Chawla

“All Cricket Matches That People See Are Fixed,” Claims Sanjeev Chawla

“All Cricket Matches That People See Are Fixed,” Claims Sanjeev Chawla
Sanjeev Chawla

UK-Based bookie Sanjeev Chawla has made a sensational claim regarding cricket matches. The high profile bookie was involved in a match-fixing scandal that took place in the year 2000. Chawla had bribed former South Africa captain Hansie Cronje to fix matches. This is considered to be the biggest match-fixing scandal when South Africa came to tour India in 2000.

Earlier in February, the bookie was brought back to India from the UK after an exile of nearly 20 years. Recordings of his conversation with late South African skipper Hansie Cronje during the India and South Africa series, is deemed to be the biggest corruption scandal in Indian cricket.

All cricket matches are fixed: Sanjeev Chawla

The bookie has now claimed that every cricket match that is played is fixed. He has also told the police that no cricket match is played fairly. Chawla also revealed the involvement of a very big “syndicate/underworld mafia ” that controls whatever happens in every professional cricket match. He also added that all cricket matches are like movies directed by someone else.

Hansie Cronje

“No cricket match is fairly played. All the cricket matches which people see are fixed. A very big syndicate/underworld mafia is involved in this matter and they are dangerous people and if he says anything he will be killed”, Sanjeev Chawla said to Indian Express.

The other people accused, who are also Chawla’s alleged associates Krishan Kumar, Rajesh Kalra and Sunil Dara are out on bail. He told the police that all three associated were his old friend and were involved in match-fixing scandal.

Hansie Cronje before his death in a plane crash in 2002 had already admitted that he had accepted money from bookmakers for underperforming. After his death, proceeding against Cronje was removed by a July 2017 court order.


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