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Ashes 2023: Pat Cummins Gives A Hilarious Statement To English Journalist

Ashes 2023: Pat Cummins Gives A Hilarious Statement To English Journalist

Australian cricket captain Pat Cummins has responded fiercely to an English reporter’s inquiry regarding the team’s potential employment of underarm bowling or run-outs of non-strikers during matches.

This came after the controversial dismissal of Jonny Bairstow in the Lord’s Test. Bairstow was dismissed by Alex Carey in the 52nd over of the match.

Following the contentious incident on the fifth day of the Lord’s Test, an English reporter questioned Cummins about the possibility of his team resorting to underarm bowling or the controversial act of run-outs at the non-striker’s end, known as mankads.

Bairstow had ducked a delivery from Cameron Green and subsequently stepped out of the crease, believing that the ball was dead.

However, Carey threw the ball at the stumps, resulting in Bairstow being given out. This led to a jubilant celebration by the Australian team, much to the disappointment of the England wicketkeeper.

The decision was reviewed by the third umpire, who confirmed Bairstow’s dismissal. This caused displeasure among England fans present at the ground. In the post-match press conference, Cummins was asked about his belief in the spirit of cricket, to which he responded positively.

The reporter then went on to inquire if Cummins’ team would consider underarm bowling or attempting run-outs of non-strikers. Cummins delivered a humorous response that elicited laughter from the room.

He suggested that the decision would depend on the nature of the wickets and jokingly hinted that it could be an option they would consider.

Cummins’ comment about potentially using such tactics was light-hearted in nature. However, the dismissal of Bairstow sparked debate among fans and critics.

England captain Ben Stokes expressed his disapproval of winning a game through such means after the match was over.

In contrast, Cummins defended the dismissal, stating that it was within the laws of the game and therefore fair play. He pointed out that Carey had witnessed a similar incident before, and according to the Laws of Cricket, Bairstow’s dismissal was deemed legitimate.

Overall, Cummins’ response to the English reporter showcased his wit and provided some comic relief during the press conference.

While the controversial dismissal of Bairstow received mixed reactions, Cummins stood by the decision, emphasizing that it was in accordance with the laws of the game.

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