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Ashwin & Jadeja – Hunting in pairs


Ashwin and Jadeja have just grabbed the No.1 and No.2 spots in ICC rankings recently! What is something that makes this duo stand apart from others?

Jadeja has made giant strides in test cricket ever since his comeback to the team in 2015 against South Africa. He has been the perfect foil that India can bank on to partner Ashwin. Two good mates who have played for same IPL franchise in the past, their biggest strength is they know each other”s game very well.

Technically, Ashwin and Jadeja are chalk and cheese! One tall, loopier, who has got numerous tricks up his sleeve to hoodwink even the best in the biz, while other wicket to wicket, skiddy, accurate who keeps you guessing all the time with the one that comes in.

Ashwin”s phenomenonal success can be attributed to Jadeja in many ways. And sadly many fail to understand this! What if he had not bowled with pin-point accuracy from the other end? What if Jadeja had not dried up the runs at the other end when they were bowling in tandem? Then would Ashwin have been able to spew the same venom as he did? Well, answer is maybe Not!!

India have found the perfect replacement for Kumble and Harbhajan, if ever there was one! But as the old saying goes, ” A cricketer”s real test is playing away from home in conditions that don”t suit him!” And for both of them to withstand overseas conditions is a challenge! But one thing for sure, expecting them to be as deadly as they are at home is certainly very harsh!!

India may go for 3 seam bowlers and 1 spinner overseas, especially on pitches with good bounce and carry. That time Jaddu, the underrated star may have to make way for senior pro Ash. It”s a team game at the end of the day!

– by Atharva Apte

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