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Asia Cup 2023: Sri Lanka – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, And Threats Analysis

Asia Cup 2023: Sri Lanka – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, And Threats Analysis
Sri Lanka

In the highly anticipated Asia Cup 2023, Sri Lanka’s cricket team enters the tournament as a formidable contender. Armed with a blend of seasoned players and promising talents, they aim to reclaim the coveted title they last won in 2014. Led by their charismatic captain, the team is driven by a strong desire to showcase their prowess on the cricketing stage.

Sri Lanka’s batting lineup boasts a mix of power hitters and technically adept players, ensuring a balanced approach in different match situations. The team’s bowling attack, featuring a variety of pace and spin options, poses a significant challenge for their opponents. The spinners, in particular, could exploit the typically slow and turning Asian pitches to their advantage.

While Sri Lanka has faced challenges in recent years, including shifts in leadership and fluctuating performances, the Asia Cup presents an opportunity for a resurgence. The players’ form in domestic and international competitions leading up to the tournament will undoubtedly play a crucial role in determining their success.

Asia Cup 2023: SWOT Analysis of Sri Lanka


1. Ability to produce winning moments from near defeats, making Sri Lanka a major threat in world cricket

Sri Lanka’s capability to turn close losses into victories has positioned them as a significant contender in international cricket. Their ability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat showcases their determination, skill, and resilience, making them a team that can never be underestimated. This skill has allowed Sri Lanka to create impactful and memorable moments on the global cricket stage, contributing to their reputation as a formidable force in the cricketing world.

2. Individual brilliance of Sri Lankan cricketers, who can be entertaining to watch when they get going

Sri Lankan cricketers emphasise that their individual brilliance can be incredibly captivating and enjoyable to watch, especially when they are in their element and performing at their best. These players possess the ability to produce remarkable and entertaining moments on the cricket field, which can bring joy to fans and spectators. Whether it’s their batting, bowling, or fielding prowess, these moments of brilliance showcase their unique abilities and contribute to the excitement of the sport.

3. Captain Dasun Shanaka’s ability to turn things around single-handedly in the middle-order or lower-middle order with his big-hitting abilities

Captain Dasun Shanaka’s remarkable skill in making a significant impact on the game’s outcome, particularly when batting in the middle-order or lower-middle order. His “big hitting” refers to his ability to consistently strike the ball forcefully and score boundaries, which can quickly change the momentum of the match.

Being able to turn things around “single-handedly,” suggests that Shanaka has the capability to make a substantial contribution to his team’s performance, even when the situation might seem challenging. This skill makes him a valuable asset as he can quickly accumulate runs, put pressure on the opposition, and potentially guide his team to victory.

4. Sri Lanka’s success in the Asia Cup, having won five titles in the 50-over format

Sri Lanka have managed to secure victory in the 50-over format of the competition five times. This success demonstrates their strong performance and prowess in the cricketing arena, showcasing their ability to perform consistently well in the tournament over the years. It also speaks to the talent and dedication of Sri Lankan cricketers who have contributed to these victories, making Sri Lanka a dominant force in the Asia Cup’s 50-over format.

5. Regular participation of Sri Lankan cricketers in the IPL, which provides them with valuable experience and exposure

The consistent involvement of Sri Lankan cricketers in the Indian Premier League (IPL) offers them significant advantages in terms of gaining valuable experience and exposure. By competing alongside some of the world’s top cricketers in a high-pressure tournament like the IPL, Sri Lankan players have the opportunity to enhance their skills, learn from international teammates, and adapt to various match situations.

This exposure not only aids in their individual development but also contributes to the growth of Sri Lankan cricket as a whole. The IPL’s competitive environment and global viewership provide a platform for these players to showcase their talent on an international stage, which can lead to better prospects for their careers and an overall boost to the country’s cricketing reputation.

Sri Lanka Cricket Team
Sri Lanka Cricket Team


The Sri Lankan side may crumble under pressure. They might not perform well or might struggle when faced with challenging or high-pressure situations. This could be due to various factors such as lack of experience, mental resilience, or skill in handling intense moments during a match or competition.


1. As a cricketing nation in Asia, Sri Lanka cannot be neglected and have the opportunity to make their mark in the Asia Cup

Sri Lanka holds a significant position in the realm of cricket within the Asian continent. Due to its strong cricketing heritage and achievements, the nation cannot be overlooked. The Asia Cup serves as a platform for teams in Asia to compete and showcase their cricketing prowess. For Sri Lanka, this tournament presents an important opportunity to demonstrate their skills, potentially leaving a lasting impact and asserting their presence among other cricketing nations in the region.

2. The familiarity of Sri Lankan players with the IPL can provide them with opportunities to showcase their skills and leave a lasting impression

Sri Lankan cricket players who have experience in the Indian Premier League (IPL) have a unique advantage. Their previous participation in the IPL exposed them to a high level of competition, different playing conditions, and interaction with top international players.


1. The lack of recent T20I matches may affect the team’s performance and match readiness

The Sri Lanka team’s lack of recent T20I matches can potentially impact their performance and preparedness for upcoming matches. T20I matches are fast-paced and require a specific set of skills, strategies, and adaptability.

2. Strong competition from other teams participating in the Asia Cup

The participating teams are highly skilled, well-prepared, and determined to win, making the tournament highly competitive. The presence of such formidable opponents adds excitement and unpredictability to the matches, as each team strives to outperform the others and secure victory.

This competitive environment often leads to thrilling and closely contested games, making the Asia Cup a significant and eagerly anticipated sporting event in the region. Overall, Team Sri Lanka has a strong history in the Asia Cup and possesses individual brilliance that can make them a formidable opponent. However, the lack of recent T20I matches may pose a challenge for them in terms of match readiness.

They have the opportunity to make their mark in the tournament and should leverage the experience gained from participating in the IPL. They will need to be prepared for strong competition from other teams.

Asia Cup 2023: Sri Lanka Squad

The squad is yet to be announced.

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