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Aussie pacer Mitchell Starc nears fastest 100


Aussie pacer Mitchell Starc nears fastest 100: Mitchell Strac, well if you are a batsman then definitely that name would have transferred a chill down your spine. Well, that is what Starc has done over the last five years. He has been one of the few bowlers who can pick up wickets at any course of the game. Starc made his debut for Oz in 2010 against India. Too bad for him, the ball gave up on him and he ended wicketless. That game didn”t loosen his spirits. He only looked forward and now he is the most feared seamer in the world.

He never fails to deliver. Hand over the ball to him in the dawn overs, he”ll deliver a wicket. Hand over in the middle overs, he will deliver with a wicket. Hand over in the death, any guesses? You got it right! Unfortunately for Starc, his fitness had been in question since an year and has hardly played any cricket in the past semi-year. Irrespective of that, Starc feels he is fit now and ready for a ” back with a bang”.
He did not play the IPL this season due to fitness issues. Well, it did not cost RCB much. But, he could have made a difference.

Starc is now with 90 scalps in 46 games. Thats right, ten to go for tom! And what makes it more interesting is that he might become the quickest to that milestone.
Saqlain Mushtaq holds the record presently. He took 53 full games for it! That leaves seven for Starc. According to the law of averages, he is gonna do it in 51 games, but you never know in cricket. He can do it earlier or later!

So coming from an injury, something for Starc to strive for already. Well I”d say he is too tough not to get to the milestone quicker. But as i mentioned earlier, you never know! His next game is going to be against the West Indies. Can the magician deliver?

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