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BCCI Asks CEO Rahul Johri To Leave Via Email

BCCI Asks CEO Rahul Johri To Leave Via Email

The Board of Cricket Control In India (BCCI) has asked its CEO, Rahul Johri, to leave via an email. Johri had previously resigned from his position as the CEO but he was provided with an extension on an interim basis.

According to reports, Johri leaked some confidential financial information related to the team sponsorships. Unhappy with this, BCCI has asked Rahul Johri to leave immediately. As an organisation, the BCCI expect the highest level of confidentiality of information which Johri couldn’t keep intact.

BCCI accepts resignation of Rahul Johri

“He has been informed of the decision by email. He had resigned earlier and was asked to continue in the interim. However, the leak of confidential financial information of a bid that was being prepared accelerated the decision. Highest levels of confidentiality are expected when any bid takes place in an organisation,” an official from BCCI said.

The BCCI termed it scandalous as Rahul Johri leaked important information outside. For them, his act could prove lethal which could also compromise financial matters within the BCCI.

Rahul Johri (Credit: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Rahul Johri had previously escaped through sexual harassment accusations. However, an independent panel gave him a clean chit on the case. According to them, the findings against Johri were “mischievous and fabricated” as they caused widespread indignation.

“Maybe he was a little overconfident. He was able to survive despite his earlier conduct and there was an enquiry into allegations of sexual harassment against him. The reports of which were not even made available to the complainants which were found to be very surprising. Yet, he was asked to undergo gender sensitisation”. 

Nothing is clear as of now when the BCCI would appoint a new CEO. They’re already working without a Chief Financial Officer after Santosh Rangnekar resigned previously. Now to add to this they’ll be working without a CEO as well.

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