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BCCI To Maintain 3+1 Retention Rule For IPL 2025 Auction

BCCI To Maintain 3+1 Retention Rule For IPL 2025 Auction

Following the conclusion of the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL) season, where Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) secured their third title, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is inclined to maintain its existing 3+1 retention policy for the 2025 auction. This decision is based on recent deliberations about the form of retention that will be used in the upcoming edition.

Reports indicate that the franchises generally oppose increasing the Right To Match (RTM) cards, which would allow up to eight players to be retained by each team. Most franchises are unable to retain six to eight players, with only a few exceptions. Consequently, the BCCI is likely to adhere to the current retention policies for the next season.

“Increasing retentions to say 6 or eight and then also having RTMs will make auctions a useless exercise. Auctions have added to the beauty of the IPL and giving it lesser importance will not help in keeping the league in good health,” an official was quoted as saying by News18. Additionally, several teams have expressed concerns about retaining more than three to four players.

KKR won the IPL 2024 title

IPL 2024
IPL 2024

Citing the adverse impact on their loyal fan base due to frequent changes in star players. The official emphasized that auctions contribute significantly to the IPL’s unique appeal, and any modifications should be approached cautiously.

“Yes, that’s a concern for a lot of teams but we can’t compare fan bases in IPL to fan bases of EPL clubs. It’s still too early for that to happen in the IPL. That is why it has happened to only handful of teams in the IPL. It will take time. And if there is desperation to make that happen, get rid of the auction and introduce a draft. Let there be a transfer system. Again, auctions bring a flavour to the IPL,” adds the official.

In summary, the BCCI’s decision to likely stick with the 3+1 retention rule for the 2025 IPL auction reflects a balance between preserving the competitive and dynamic nature of the league while addressing the concerns of the franchises regarding player retention and fan loyalty.

The current retention policy allows teams to maintain a core group of players while ensuring the auctions remain an integral and exciting part of the IPL, fostering its growth and maintaining its popularity.

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