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CAN vs PAK: [WATCH] Babar Azam Gets Booed By Fans After Casual Dismissal

CAN vs PAK: [WATCH] Babar Azam Gets Booed By Fans After Casual Dismissal
Babar Azam

During a pivotal T20 World Cup 2024 match against Canada, Babar Azam faced significant backlash from Pakistani fans after his untimely dismissal. The game, held at Nassau County Stadium on June 11, was crucial for Pakistan, who were chasing a modest target of 107 runs set by Canada.

The chase began poorly for Pakistan with the early loss of Saim Ayub, who was bowled out by Dillon Heyliger. Shortly thereafter, Heyliger struck again, this time securing the wicket of Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam. This dismissal was particularly critical as it disrupted Pakistan’s momentum in their chase.

Babar Azam’s wicket fell when he was caught by Shreyas Movva off Heyliger’s delivery. Attempting a late shot, Azam edged the ball, resulting in a low catch for the keeper. At this juncture, Azam had scored 33 runs off 33 balls, a contribution that, while valuable, was not enough to put Pakistan in a commanding position. His departure put the team in a challenging situation, making the target seem more daunting.

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Fans React Passionately as Azam Faces Intense Scrutiny

Despite his efforts to stabilize the innings, Azam’s recent form has drawn criticism from fans, who expressed their disappointment vocally at the stadium. As Pakistan’s captain, expectations were high for him to lead by example and anchor the chase successfully. As the match approached its climax, Pakistan needed 3 runs off 16 balls, with Usman Khan and Mohammad Rizwan at the crease.

The team’s position remained tenuous following Azam’s exit, and the pressure was on the remaining batsmen to secure the win. Heyliger’s pivotal breakthroughs played a significant role in turning the tide in favour of Canada, highlighting the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket. Azam’s dismissal underscored the challenges faced by even the most skilled players under high-pressure conditions.

The reaction from fans was a testament to the passionate following of cricket in Pakistan, where performances are closely scrutinized, and expectations are immense. Babar Azam, despite his consistency and leadership, faced the brunt of this scrutiny following his casual dismissal, illustrating the fine margins that often define cricketing success and failure.

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