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“Can’t Believe I Still Get Work” – Simon Doull Responds To Troll In A Classy Way

Simon Doull
Simon Doull (Credit: Twitter)

Former New Zealand cricketer Simon Doull banged the social media user, who tried to troll him on Friday, May 13. Doull tweeted a screenshot of a story that was sent on Instagram. The user mentioned Doull’s Instagram handle in their story, calling him the ‘worst commentator of all time’. 


Doull decided not to let it go as the 52-year-old shared the screenshot of the case via his Twitter account and hit back at the user stating that he is still getting work to accomplish despite being ‘so bad at it.

Doull also quoted that the Instagram user was tendering their understandings through a fake account. He asked the user to come out and have a discussion via a real account.

Doull, in his tweet regarding the issue, wrote, “Hmmm. Should I accept or block? Can’t believe I still get work if I am so bad. Hope your amazing at your job whoever you are. Maybe come out from hiding behind a fake name and we can have a chat about our jobs”.

Simon Doull currently commentating in IPL 2022

Besides, before the IPL 2022, Doull had created a controversy when he said that players from New Zealand have always been ‘overlooked for second rate Australians’ in the IPL. Doull wrote, “NZ players have continually been overlooked for second rate Australians in the IPL for years. Seems outside of IPL big bash is the only comp looked at..

Furthermore, Doull’s other tweet read, just some context. I did not mention any names so stop trolling. Since IPL started 94 Aussies at combined 886 crores 31 NZ players 212 crores”.

“Both countries have 6 first-class teams and both have domestic T20 comps. It’s more about timing and viewing of BBL,” Doull tweeted.

Written by Prachi Pisal

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