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Cheeky Singles With Chirag Suri

  ‘’My Dream Is To Click A Selfie With Shah Rukh Khan’’

UAE and Gujarat Lions batsman Chirag Suri goes hammer and tongs in the slog overs, i.e Cricfit’s rapid fire round.    

Q: Your nickname?

Suri: Chikoo.

Q: Your favourite cuisine?   

Suri: Chinese.

Q: Your favourite holiday destination?

Suri: India.

Q: Your favourite ground?

Suri: Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Q: Favourite movie?

Suri: ‘Fast and Furious’.

Q: Favourite actor?

Suri: I like Ranveer Singh.

Q: What’s your favourite Ranveer Singh dialogue?

Suri: I like that song ‘Tattad Tattad’ from the movie ‘Ram Leela’.

Q: Your favourite actress?

Suri: Deepika Padukone.

Q: You’ll be plying your trade for the Gujarat Lions this season. Have you learnt any Gujarati as of yet?

Suri: No man, but see if you can teach me some (guffaws)!

Q: Your favourite song?

Suri: I like all songs sung by Arijit Singh.

Q: One celebrity you dream of clicking a dualfie with?

Suri: Ummm….that’s a tough one (thinks for a while and continues)… Shah Rukh Khan.

Q: Gujarat Lions play their first game of the season against Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders. Who knows, your dream might come true.

Suri: Yeah, fingers crossed for that!

Q: A superpower you would love to possess?

Suri: I wish I could read people’s minds.

Q: Describe yourself in one word.

Suri: ‘Fearless’.

Q: One thing you cannot live without?

Suri: My cell phone.

Q: Your biggest disappointment?

Suri: Not playing the 2015 World Cup for the UAE.

Q: Your favourite cricketing shot?

Suri: ‘Off-drive’.

Q: Your favourite cartoon show?

Suri: I don’t watch a lot of cartoons nowadays but ‘Tom and Jerry’ is my all-time favourite..                

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