Home Cricket News Cricketer Collapses And Dies After Hitting Six Near Mumbai; Viral Video Shocks Social Media

Cricketer Collapses And Dies After Hitting Six Near Mumbai; Viral Video Shocks Social Media

Cricketer Collapses And Dies After Hitting Six Near Mumbai; Viral Video Shocks Social Media

In a heartbreaking event, a man died right after hitting a significant six during a local cricket match near Mumbai. The incident was captured on video, which has since gone viral on social media. The footage shows the man, dressed in a pink t-shirt, celebrating his powerful shot that cleared the boundary.

Moments later, he suddenly collapsed to the ground. Despite immediate efforts from his teammates to revive him, he did not respond and tragically passed away on the field. This unfortunate incident took place at a cricket ground in the Mira Road area of Thane, near Mumbai. After hitting a huge six, the batter stumbled and fell face-first onto the pitch within seconds.

The viral video captures the sequence of events: the man hits the ball out of the park, drops his bat, and attempts to steady himself. However, he loses consciousness and collapses almost immediately.

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Teammates and onlookers quickly rushed to his aid, trying desperately to revive him. They turned him over, shook him, and even performed chest compressions in an attempt to resuscitate him. Despite their best efforts, the man remained unresponsive. Local authorities have launched an investigation to determine the exact cause of his death and to identify him, but no official details have been released yet.

73-Year-Old Man Dies from Heart Attack While Dancing at Indore Yoga Camp

In a separate incident, another man died while participating in a yoga camp in Indore. The 73-year-old man, named Balveer Singh Chhabra, suffered a heart attack while dancing at the camp held in the Phooti Kothi neighbourhood. Chhabra was carrying a national flag and dressed in an elegant outfit for the event. As he danced, he suddenly collapsed to the ground.

Initially, those around him thought it was part of his performance. However, when he remained motionless and silent for a minute, concerns grew. It soon became clear that something was seriously wrong. Despite the efforts of those present, Chhabra could not be revived and was pronounced dead from a heart attack.

Both incidents underscore the unpredictability of life and the sudden nature in which it can be taken away. The cricket player’s collapse after hitting a six and Chhabra’s heart attack during a yoga camp are stark reminders of how fragile life can be. Investigations into both incidents are ongoing to understand more about the circumstances leading to these tragic deaths.

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