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Dance Workout – how it improves fitness


Today, in our busy lives, we hardly get any time to look after our health and fitness”. We all have such hectic schedules that we forget about our fitness. Due to this ignorance, we are suffering from different health issues from a very early age.

But looking after our fitness is not that hard. Among all the other ways through which people can improve their health and fitness, one of the best ways is dancing. These days, people love to watch others dance in various competitive dance reality shows on their televisions like “Dance India Dance”, “So You Think You Can Dance” and many more. But we should realize that if we get off the couch and dance ourselves, it will be a great way to keep our body and mind healthy.

Dancing has many benefits our health in more ways than one. Dancing help us stay flexible, reduces stress, helps us lose weight and many more. The arabesques that ballet dancers practice aren’t just for aesthetics, they also increase flexibility and reduce stiffness. And an increase in flexibility helps in easing joint pains. Dancing is also one of the best ways to reduce stress and also improves our cardiovascular system’s functioning. This reduces many nerve and heart ailments. It is also a very efficient way to lose weight. Moreover dancing requires a lot of fast movements and good postures which help us gain better control of our body. Dancing is the best source to energize our body and soul.

Dancing is something which we do in almost every occasion and also for different purposes. Dancing is a way to express ourselves!

Thus I would suggest people to put their hearts into dancing because it is much better than certain free hand exercises or going to the gym. Moreover people should join some weekly dance classes because this can improve physical performance and also increase the energy level. Also dancing makes us feel better and happy than the typical exercises and is actually quite an easy way to remain fit and healthy!

– by Atrayee Paul

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