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Deep Dasgupta Suggests 5 Ways To Rule MPL Fantasy Cricket

Deep Dasgupta MPL Fantasy

Fantasy Cricket has gained popularity in recent times and the buzz around the fans is on an all-time high. Former India cricketer Deep Dasgupta, who recently joined Mobile Premier League (MPL) as a fantasy expert, has laid down five ways to be a successful fantasy player.

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket, as the name suggests, is an online fantasy game where you can create a virtual cricket team of 11 players from an upcoming real-life match. The process of playing a fantasy cricket match is quite simple. Your main objective is to score as many points as possible and achieve a position on the leadership board by beating your opponents.

Here we look at 5 ways to ace Fantasy Cricket as recommended by Deep Dasgupta:

#1. Understanding the conditions

Conditions play an important role in a cricket match. The behaviour of the pitch is what dictates the game. It is important to know what the average score on the pitch is. This can also give us an idea as to what kind of bowling will do better. If it’s a spin-friendly wicket or a batters paradise all these things have to be kept in mind.

#2. Right Combination

The right combination is something that has to be kept in mind. If the pitch is more favourable for batting then taking more batsman is the right thing to do. In the same way, if it is a spinner-friendly wicket then it is important to have more spinners on your side. The right combination can often turn events when it comes to fantasy cricket.

#3. Captain and Vice-Captain

This is another important aspect which is of utmost importance. Often the difference between the person who comes first or second is the selection of the captain and vice-captain. The player you select as your captain gives you double the points and therefore picking the right captain is necessary. Often people select in form players.

#4. Analysis of Players and Teams

Someone once said “If you let emotions get the better of you then you are gambling and not analyzing” This is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to selecting your team. You have to select the correct players looking at the previous performance. We shouldn’t just see players who we personally like.

It is important to look at the players batting position and the impact he will have on the game.

#5. Toss

The coin often decides the fate of many and it also plays a major role in cricket. It is important to know which team is batting first and how it impacts the game. Suppose the wicket gets better to bat on in the second innings then it is advisable that more batsmen are picked from the team which is batting second.

Hence the outcome of the toss plays a major role in Fantasy Cricket.

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