Home Cricket News Ex-Australia Star Criticizes Ben Stokes on ‘Umpire’s Call’ In DRS

Ex-Australia Star Criticizes Ben Stokes on ‘Umpire’s Call’ In DRS

Ex-Australia Star Criticizes Ben Stokes on ‘Umpire’s Call’ In DRS

Former Australia cricket star Brad Hogg responded to England Test captain Ben Stokes’ suggestion to remove the ‘umpire’s call’ in Decision Review System for LBW dismissals by advising Stokes not to dwell on it. Hogg argued that since the ‘umpire’s call’ can favor either side, it shouldn’t be a major concern for Stokes. Despite this disagreement, Hogg’s perspective differs from Stokes’ regarding the ‘umpire’s call’.

Ben Stokes post match said: “They should take away ‘umpire’s call’ if I’m being perfectly honest.”

Brad Hogg on his YouTube channel said: “For me, the more I think about it, the more I feel umpires call should be in there knowing that technology is slightly wrong. Yes, it might have cost you at certain stage of the game, but it could cost the opposition at some stage in the series as well. Stop whingeing about the DRS because it is the same for both sides.”

Meanwhile, speculation arose about Stokes’ potential return to bowling during the fourth Test against India, as he was observed bowling vigorously during practice sessions. Stokes, however, chose to keep his availability as a bowler in Ranchi undisclosed, possibly due to ongoing knee issues that have restricted him to a batting role since the second Ashes Test in June.

During the press conference, head coach Brendon McCullum remained tight-lipped regarding Ben Stokes’ potential bowling role in the Ranchi Test. Nonetheless, such an addition could greatly enhance their team’s equilibrium, particularly if there is a possibility of reverse swing coming into play.

As England trails 1-2 in the five-match Test series against India, Stokes’ all-round capabilities could significantly impact the team’s chances, but his fitness remains uncertain heading into the crucial match.

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